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Thursday, 24 January 2013

job vacancy @ BBIM Sek 3 and Kota Kemuning

assalamualaikum..anyeong-hanseyo!!almost a week i'm not updating my blog...huhuhu..i'm kind of busy eh?hehehehe..never mind,i don't think so my readers/my silent readers keep going through every my entry...unlesss....he/she is stalking me...hahahaha...mula dh nk melalut di situ...

hohoho...x kire, de org baca ke takde nk buat gak entry ni...hope so dpt baca dn dapat sebarkan...penting ni..sila baca ye..

BBIM Seksyen 3 and Kota Kemuning Campus
Position: Teacher
Qualification: SPM/Diploma/Degree
Salary: 7am-7pm (RM1000++)
hostel is providing for you..=)

INTERESTED? please PM me in FB http://www.facebook.com/FareehaImnida?ref=hl and leave your NAME, AGE, STATE, and PHONE NUMBER so that i will ask my manager to call you. this position in open all the time. Thank you.

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