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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dreams comes true with Korean Air----->Seoul

assalamualaikum..anyeong-hanseyo!!tonight i'd found out something interesting on my Facebook wall which is my dream will able comes true. can you guess what it's that? hopefully my dreams will come true this year!!fighting!!----credit to Korean Air

let's begin...here we go!

dae ha-min-guk!! (with the clap)
you know what, among countries in the world, there are few countries that i really wanna be there in reality and not only on my lappy or during sleeping time---->dreaming! i am so sure that all of you have same dream like me badly.so, the first and foremost destination that i really wanna go is KOREA. yes...it is. why KOREA?hmmm...."it's just because?"<------this line or answer is common in korean drama that i'd been watching...hehehe..i will tell the right answer and hope you guys accept it.

The reason that I choose Korea for my destination with Korean Air is because since I’m in secondary school I’m already fell in love with Korea. I’m started known about Korea when my mom and I watched korean drama series, Winter Sonata. My mom loves so much their hero until she dares keep his picture in her purse...hehehe..funny isn’t? And that’s why her daughter is become more fanatic about Korea and since then until now I’m keep watching any korean drama so that I can learn more about Korea such the history, places, culture, food, fashion style, the handsome and beauties actor and actress, interior design in each set filming ---- I love so much their concept even though sometimes the set filming only in studio but their work are such creative. =) Now, I am already 24 years old and I’m still watching Korean drama either in Astro ONE HD, watching online or else I’m buying the burned DVD and there are about 30 dramas I’d been watching.
nami island..romantic island!!hehehe

i wanna go this!!jinja jinja daebak!!

weee....i am kpoppers! i wanna see them...guess who??

So B2ST----naega, jeongmal saranghae!!<3
Actually, last year I’d had a chance for going to Korea 3D2N. I went to PC Fair 2012 KLCC and bought lappy at ASUS booth and after bought they asked for lucky draw with travel agent and how lucky I am I got voucher trip to Korea 3D2N only from RM400 for 2 person. Wow! Fantastic baby!! ---- but then when I asked more details about the travelling and flight ticket, the whole sum is more than RM3000 and furthermore, the voucher is only provide hotel and food only ans as usual flight ticket is beyond our responsiblity. So, I just let go the voucher and I’m not regret at all about the voucher. That time my financial is still not stable and hope so this year or next year I have a chance to go there. Maybe with Korean Air my dream will become true? Hopefully yes ^__^ Alright, that’s all about my dream destination and reason why I choose that destination. Hope you guys enjoy my story telling (it’s a FICTION) and I’m not copying other people’s story because my English writing so bad at all…kekekeke…last but not least, “miracle is other name of effort”---Kang Tae Joon (To the Beautiful You)

this voucher i'm talked about
can you see that?Yes...KOREA 3D2N TT___TT
so, Korean Air, what are you waiting for (waiting for closing) please make my wish come true...jaebal!!LOL!!

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~~Thanks for reading!!

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