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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Me and KOREA 4

assalamualaikum...anyeong-hanseyo!!i have a good news----especially for me. This Saturday I am going to Korean Language Class via online!!! wish congratz to me...another my wish and dream were fulfilled..Alhamdulillah Thanks Allah giving this opportunity to me for this time----feeling wonderful <3<3<3
I'd found about this in Facebook page---KLH (Korean Language House) for me, the fees are affordable even I think quite expensive because this class thru online and following our flexible time..

There are two types for online class which is we can choose the tutor, either native tutor or local tutor and of course the fees are different. it's up to you for choose. Me? I was chose local tutor (Malay) because i might afraid i don't understand if I chose native tutor or local Chinese tutor...hehehe..and also you can choose how many hour you want in that class per day. I chose one hour per day. for more information you can visit their page FB or their website KLH..my dearest friend, wish me luck!! ^^,