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Thursday, 1 August 2013

'bakal suami' telah disenaraikan dalam tentera Ogos ini

assalamualaikum....anyeong-haseyo!!hati ini masih bersedih tapi nak gak update entry malam ni...sebentar tadi tgh duk usha2 kt FB tetiba nampak satu post ni berkaitan dgn 'bakal suami' sy--nampak nama dy+enlisted+military+August 2013=Joongki was enlisted military army this August...waaaaa!!!TT___TT meraung bagai haaa.....dhla beliau sudah lama tak berlakon selepas drama Innocent Man tu...huk3...rindu giler kot nk tgk dy berlakon...nak tgk balik drama tu DVD kt kg---dh dua kali balik kg last month lupa gak nk amik.

mmg dh sedia maklum yg x lama lg dy kne pergi gak sbb umur dy dh 29 (korea), 28(malaysia)----dy lahir thn yg sama dgb abg sy sbb tu sy dh blh agak...kekeke...maknanya, kwn dy si jirafah tu---lee kwang soo bakal menyusul gak la ye...kikikiki...dhla 2 thn kt tentera tu, pastu nt mesti dh tak handsome+comel lg sbb kne botakkan rambut tu...xdela botak sepenuhnya tp akan hilang rambut dy yg smart itu...huk4...sedey3...
ok la...baca la petikan kata2 beliau....

"Song Joong Ki reached out to fans through his agency, writing, "How are you? This is Song Joong Ki. Recently, I received the enlistment notice from the Military Manpower Administration. I will enlist on August 27. I will conclude my promotional activities well during the time I have left and plan to enter the training facility. I sincerely thank everyone who has supported and loved me. Since I can't give my farewell greeting to each and every one of you, I am delivering my thankful heart through this message. I will return after carrying out my military duties for 2 years. ^^ Until I can greet you all with a good production, please be healthy and well."

Although the news come as a short notice, those attending his fan meeting on August 17 will have a chance to say goodbye to the actor before he enlists."--resource: allkpop.com

ni pic waktu dy berlakon dalam innocent man---will be missing his acting and his good looking face!!

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