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Saturday, 2 March 2013

B2ST and Me 2

assalamualaikum...anyeong-hanseyo!!second entry for today..a fews day ago when i logged in my FB i'd found out that one of soundtrack for korean drama IRIS 2 is from my favourite Kpop group...it's SO B2ST!!heeeee...love them..the title of song is Black Paradise..this song is about the hardship life of one man. i like this song..it's awesome!!!

why B2ST?because one of their group member are actor in IRIS 2...their leader, Yoon Doo Joon..his the first line from left...heeee...and also Lee Joon from MBLAQ also became actor in IRIS 2..seriously i can't wait this drama streaming in ASTRO ONE HD....=)..so, enjoy the song..this video below included lyric with eng sub so you can know what song about ^___^V

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